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Pleasure Principal Retreats

Who Are We?

Pleasure Principal Retreats is an exclusive and intimate retreat designed for individuals and couples all things pleasure and sexuality. Led by nationally-acclaimed sex therapist Renee Burwell, Pleasure Principal Retreats takes couples and individuals on a journey of healing and fun that will ignite many elements of pleasure to transform their lives.

Rejuvenation. Fun. Self Care.

Upcoming Retreat Dates
Nashville, TN

Individual Retreat
May 11th - 15th

Couples Retreat
April 20th - 24th


Interactive Group

Interactive groups that will explore all things sex and sexuality. We will also discuss techniques that will revitalize your relationship. 


Experience Nashville

Enjoy the magic of music city and make memories in one of the TOP places to visit in the USA!


Positivity and Inclusiveness

Surround yourself with a tribe of supporters in a safe environment. 

Therapy Sessions
My Approach

Pleasure Principal Retreats welcomes all couples and individuals from different stages of their relationships—whether they are at the beginning of their relationship, trying to keep the fire burning, or on the verge of breaking up. All the sessions are focused on making a connection and being unapologetically authentic.

Learn more about Renee.

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About me

Pleasure Principal Retreats are facilitated by nationally-acclaimed psychotherapist Renee Burwell. A skilled facilitator and expert in sex therapy and trauma. Renee Burwell guides couples through various activities to help them reconnect with what they find pleasurable and fun. Her mission is to create an inclusive atmosphere and platform for couples to feel more connected, more intimate, and have the tools to strengthen their relationship and focus from living to work to working to live. 

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What to Expect


Weekend Getaway


Spa and Activities

Individual/Group Therapy

 Sexuality Attitude Exploration


Daily Yoga

Nashville is the perfect city to unwind and explore more about your love language." 

Why Attend?

Learn Techniques for Enhancing Your Sexual Experiences


Pleasure Principal Couples Retreat is a couple’s retreat specifically focused on discussing sexuality and sexual health.  Attendees will learn foundational skills for understanding sexual relationship cycles, maintaining connection through healthy communication, will be able to explore and challenge current viewpoints around sexuality, and learn ways to maintain erotic connection and sexual health throughout the lifespan.

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